Wall and ceiling panels are ornamental plaster mouldings used to decorate and highlight an area on walls or ceilings.

These panels are made up of a range of mouldings including; beading, quadrant corner pieces and dado rails.

Wall and ceiling panel beading and quadrant corner pieces are available in many types, and Moore’s Plaster Moulding offer 4 standard handmade products, with bespoke hand-crafted mouldings available for non-standard sizes.

Popular decor styles include:-

  • Plain beading
  • Plain quadrant corner pieces
  • Rope beading
  • Rope quadrant corner pieces
  • Floral pattern beading
  • Floral pattern quadrant corner pieces

Each of our popular styles has matching cornice mouldings to continue the interior decor style consistently around every room. We can make bespoke beading and quadrant corner piece plaster mouldings to custom lengths or sizes or can be hand-crafted to match your existing wall and ceiling panels.

For more information or to view a range of standard samples, please contact Vincent Moore on 087 682 6884 to arrange a consultation.